Are your on-site resources being used effectively - right now?

Track crews, trades and resources systematically, even when you can't be there.

Poor resource allocation is a silent thief.

Costs are hidden and uncontrolled

Schedules are sub-optimal and delay-prone

Manual tracking is error-prone and too late to be effective

Lack of utilization benchmarks limit improvement

Resource Detection and Utilization

SiteLens analyzes jobsite video feeds in real-time to identify what resources are on the jobsite, where they are deployed, what tasks they are performing, and whether they are active or idle. Crews, cranes, excavators, define the resource, and SiteLens tracks it. How long did the excavator sit idle, waiting for a dump truck? Is the truck traffic being blocked by another task on the worksite? This level of information detail provides the KPIs to track resource utilization over time, and identify waste.

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Tracks labor productivity, and equipment & resources utilization

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Measures productive, contributory or non-contributory work

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Registers activity stalls and wasted capacity

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Identifies inefficiencies and improvement opportunities

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Provides current, real-time Lean Construction metrics

Optimize your projects with comprehensive resource awareness.

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Hidden costs are revealed through lean construction practices

Projects stay on schedule

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Real-time data collection is automated and accurate

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Benchmarking supports continuous improvement