We are a team of AI engineers, data scientists, and designers helping the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry leverage the huge amount of under-utilized data to unlock trillions of dollars in stranded economic value using advanced AI technology.

Construction is our focus

CONXAI is singularly focused on improving the construction industry's productivity and knowledge loss problems, where 90% of project data is not used at all, and 30% of collected data is lost as soon as a project completes. Since our customers are busy with their projects, they often lack the time and tools to tackle this challenge directly.

That is where WE come in.

CONXAI customers gain comprehensive, complete solutions which complement their existing disparate tools and capabilities. Our team works closely with contractors, sub-contractors, project management firms and industry suppliers to understand their needs and integrate their feedback into our platform, products and solutions.

After all, construction is in our name.

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Data is our passion

While the AEC industry is awash in data, turning it into useful, actionable knowledge is a constant challenge. As a result, much of today's decision-making is intuitive, experience-based and assumption-heavy due to a lack of data accessibility.

By helping customers adopt data-driven operations, at scale, we are enabling faster, higher quality fact-based decision-making that drives superior ROI.

We are building a team that is uniquely qualified to do this. We unite analytical and insightful construction industry practitioners with highly skilled, cutting-edge AI and data science technologists to approach each challenge from a fresh perspective. Our continuous learning and focus on the AEC industry not only keeps our customers on the technological cutting edge, but also on the forefront of industry transformation.

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We are empowering AEC stakeholders with the power of AI to increase revenue, reduce cost, enhance safety and create a more sustainable environment

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Improve safety, productivity, quality, and asset performance; reduce waste and overall project risks.

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Specialty and Trade Consultants

Measure and manage processes more accurately.

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Material & Equipment Manufacturers

Enable process automation and create new digital business models.

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Construction Software Vendors

Enable intelligent features to automate workflows.

Our values

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Remain customer-focused and respectfully honest at all times.

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Consider and try new ideas and approaches.

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Create products and solutions with attention to detail.

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Be bold, take ownership for actions and accept the consequences.

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Join forces with stakeholders to achieve common goals.

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Think big, start small, and don't reinvent the wheel.

Our investors