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$10 Trillion global AEC industry is one of the largest, yet one of the least efficient. Time and cost overruns are all-too-common problems.

Fragmented value chain, consisting of multiple stakeholders often with conflicting interests, results in major misalignments between the design, planning, and on-site execution processes.

While significant progress has been made on the design side, poor on-site execution and management continue to put construction projects at risk. 

CONXAI is a first of its kind Digital Twin technology for the construction industry that synchronizes as-built with as-designed and creates a single source of truth.

Powered by frontier technologies and domain AI, our technology monitors the construction environment at different levels of detail, starting from a larger chunk of activity such as concreting to focusing attention on cost critical details pertaining to quality, HSE and logistics.

It interprets as-built with respect to as-designed and brings real time awareness of these cost-critical details to respective stakeholders. 

Launching Soon!

Conxai is currently in the beta stage. We are running tests with companies who showed early interest in our technology.
If you are from the AEC industry interested in our technology or a talented professional interested to join our team then just give us a shout!
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