A Leap forward in Jobsite analytics


Creates taxonomically rich representations and analysis of construction sites to extract productivity-boosting information and reduce costs & risks

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An increasing number of construction sites are using cameras for remote monitoring, generating high volumes of visual data every day. Manual reviewing is time-consuming and data from different cameras often end up as silos. Much of the data is not used on time and the decision-making remains reactive.

CONXAI’s next generation computer vision and neural reasoning technologies extract actionable and predictive insights from raw data and create comprehensive digital representations and interpretations of the construction sites, in a timely and automated manner. It analyzes camera feeds to interpret cost and risk critical events pertaining to safety, quality and logistics.

PPE violation detection
Hazard proximity detection
Loitering detection
Construction process tracking
Building structure evolution tracking (As-Built vs As-Designed)
Deliveries tracking and logging
Equipment and resources utilization tracking

Value Proposition

Owners and
Real Estate Developers
Ensure quality and project costs are in check before it’s too late. Reduce insurance costs
E&C Firms and
General Contractors
Improve safety, productivity, quality and asset performance
Specialty and
Trade Consultants
Measure and manage projects more accurately


CONXAI Cognitive Digital Twin Platform delivers actionable and predictive insights through intuitive interfaces in a manner that is easy to use, even for non-tech users.

  • Real-time feed of all critical events pertaining to Quality, HSE and Logistics
  • 3D geometric and semantic representations and interpretations of AS-BUILT vs AS-DESIGNED
  • Key metrics, incl. equipment utilization
  • Deviation alerts with call-2-action
  • Enrichment of BIM and Construction Management tools with jobsite data


Our state of the art AI sensor fusion, self-supervised learning and ability to generalize, without handcrafting each and every specific solution, make our technology use-case agnostic.

Taxonomically rich cognitive detection
Captures objects, structures and their attributes in a spatio-temporal scene graph to model causal relations between dynamic activities and how they cause building structures to evolve.

3D perception
Cutting edge AI on low cost cameras to create fine grained geometric and semantic reconstruction.

Extracts productivity-boosting information, detects deviations, and anticipates potential delays.

What makes us different

Reports events
Monitors how building structures evolve
Uses AI Reasoning to generate cost saving Anticipatory Alerts in deviations from best practices and design
Produces results comparable to expensive laser sensors, but using low-cost cameras at a fraction of the cost
GDPR Compliant
Doesn’t process any personally identifiable information (PIIs) or biometrics
Ready for on-prem and edge computing
Leverages existing cameras set up
No IT heavy lifting
AutoML makes it easy to operate

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