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Construction 4.0 with NO-CODE AI

Effortlessly equip your project teams with the data and knowledge they need to deliver higher performance.

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The construction process is complex, with multiple stakeholders in many locations orchestrating the flow of materials, equipment, funds and people

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Each project is unique

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Stakeholders’ interests are not aligned

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Assumptions and intuition often drive decisions

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Cost and ROI pressures are constant

The industry is data-rich, but turning it into useful, actionable knowledge is a constant challenge

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Fragmented data sources, types and formats

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Data is inaccessible, unused, or simply lost

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Knowledge is not retained

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Learning cannot be institutionalized

AI is the key to meeting these challenges, but existing AI approaches have many limitations

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Expert systems are not self-taught

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Intolerant of data variation for new use-cases

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Require significant manual tuning

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Neural AI lacks human-like reasoning

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Requires extensive data set and labeling effort

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Does not incorporate domain knowledge

Existing AI approaches fail to deliver ROI

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Time consuming and expensive to build and maintain

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Lack cross-project portability

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Lack multi use-case scalability

The result?
Black box AI which blindly maps input to output, without being able to explain WHY.

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The CONXAI Platform allows you to easily integrate, analyze and interpret your data, turning it into actionable knowledge

infographic of how conxai platform allowas to easily integrate, analyze and interpret your data, turning it into actionable knowledge

Graphical knowledge representation

The CONXAI Platform makes it easier and faster to integrate and contextualize disparate project lifecycle data types & formats into graphical knowledge representations. The graphical knowledge representation identifies all contextual relationships and interdependencies, and helps automate decision support, planning and workflows.

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Break the information silos

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Generate descriptive and prescriptive insights

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Enable knowledge discovery

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Automate workflows

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The end of the black box AI... Welcome to explainable AI

CONXAI’s Neuro-Symbolic Explainable AI (XAI) synthesizes Expert System and Neural AI approaches, closely modeling our brain’s ability to combine multi-sensory data with prior knowledge and reasoning.  
While prior approaches required explicit instruction coding or imitation, our XAI learns by understanding, leveraging human-like reasoning to deliver greater accuracy with much smaller training dataset.

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Understand the WHY behind insights and recommendations

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Gain greater accuracy with less training data and effort

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Feasibly acquire and distribute domain knowledge

light blue cube with written XAI on it and a AI brain

Adopt and scale with NO-CODE AI

The CONXAI Platform offers intuitive drag and drop simplicity, allowing users to build new AI-powered solutions - or modify existing ones – for a variety of AEC use cases, without requiring software or AI skills.

NO-CODE AI releases you from the “make/buy” conundrum by providing a viable, cost-effective way to retain and exploit your data and knowledge. Our library of AEC-focused, production ready AI blocks, leveraging our taxonomically rich, domain-specific ontologies, simplify use-case creation. Our NO-CODE AI technology allows you to deploy your solutions quickly, scale across many projects, and incorporate new domain knowledge as needed.

Your team will be empowered to thrive in the construction 4.0 industry evolution.

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Create new use cases with Lego-like simplicity

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Deploy custom solutions quickly

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Integrate with your existing applications and workflows

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Gain AI power at much lower cost than previously possible

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Your AI platform for construction-focused, data-driven operations at scale!

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Gain extensive reusability across projects and use cases

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Build and preserve collaborative knowledge

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Use fact-based decision-making for better results

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Improve ROI with minimal effort