Onsite personnel expects privacy, and in many regions, the law demands it.
SiteLens offers a privacy and GDPR solution for you.

Worker privacy compromises can be painful.

Worker morale suffers

You get attention - for all the worng reasons

You violate GDPR compliance

Liability and legal costs can derail your business

Your seamless privacy protection for construction site visuals, ensuring satisfaction for all stakeholders

People anonymisation

Automatically blur workers with state-of-the-art people detection

Object blurring

Automatically blur a wide range of equipment like cars and onsite machinery

Exclusion zones

Automate the blurring of predefined zones like public streets or buildings

Customizable Anonymization

Personalize your privacy requirements:

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Customise blurring level and mask properties

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Establish which objects should be blurred

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Create and edit exclusion zones

Start PRIVACY in a few minutes!

PRIVACY is a API based cloud solution for images taken from CCTV cameras. Simply send your recorded images through our encrypted system. PRIVACY adds real-time anonymization and securely sends them back.

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Keep your customers' information private

Maintain worker morale

Enable customers to focus on the project

GDPR compliance is ensured

Legal and liability costs are avoided

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