Is your job really on track, when you can't be on-site constantly?

Analyze your jobsite images, videos and sensor data to continuously measure and document progress.

What you don't know WILL hurt you...again and again.

Tracking progress is time consuming, both in physical inspection and data recording

Physical inspections are periodic, details can be missed; conflict results

Late issue identification delays schedule, drives costly rework, and increases management complexity

When you can't capture why progress was delayed, problems continue

Progress Tracking

SiteLens analyzes jobsite video feeds and static images to provide a continuous record of project progress and task completion. You spend less time on physical inspection, data collection and recording, while also receiving automated notifications when issues arise. Using images and videos from low cost cameras, our Explainable AI (XAI) builds detailed time-based 3D project visualizations to capture and compare progress against the project's plans and the BIM. Variances can trigger notifications, and a visual record supports rapid root cause analysis.

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Automatically detects tasks’ start, status, stalls and end

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Registers real-time progress rate and variance

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Documents visual 3D and 4D representations

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Systematically measures against schedule and BIM

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Continuously updates progress predictions

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Generates real-time reports and payment workflows

Stay on target...and on top

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Schedule performance and project efficiency are improved

Conflicts and the blame game are avoided with a real-time, continuous record of truth

Delays and cost overruns are prevented through early issue detection

Continuous improvement & institutional knowledge requires rich data tracking and archiving