Are you sure that the job is done - and done right?

Help onsite crews to check quality compliance and automate task status reports.

Jobs done poorly seem to never end.

Mistakes cause added downstream work

Latent defects create team conflict & blame games

Manual inspection is tedious and subjective

Faulty work liability claims can be disastrous

Visual Quality Inspection

SiteLens' work quality evaluation smartphone app allows on-site workers to easily capture work product progress and quality. Images are uploaded and SiteLens performs AI-powered computer vision analysis of work quality, based on objective measures defined by standards bodies, job specifications, and accumulated expert experience. SiteLens maintains a cohesive record of as-built quality that is easily accessible in the future. An increasing number of work products, including ductwork, insulation systems, plumbing, electrical, doors, windows, and concrete surfaces are supported.

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Reports task status through visual records

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Identifies concealed issues and missing details

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Automatically checks compliance and defects

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Immediately notifies supervisors and crews

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Maintains up-to-date quality reports for every zone

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Streamlines quality assurance with less effort

Know that each job meets your quality requirements.

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Mistakes are caught early, preventing downstream impacts

Timely quality assessment reduces finger pointing

App-based automation expedites and simplifies the inspection process

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Liability is reduced through inspection visual detail record