Know when materials have arrived on your jobsite…and where.

Prevent job stalls due to late deliveries or misplaced materials.

When materials are delayed or misplaced, progress stops.

Work stalls,
impacts ripple across the project

Your time is lost playing detective

Off-schedule deliveries create vehicle traffic and workload conflicts

Manual logging errors cause disputes, delays, and lost productivity

Automated Delivery Tracking

SiteLens automatically time-stamps and logs deliveries to your jobsite based on material and vehicle identification cues from site-captured visuals. Material movement to and from the jobsite is automatically tracked and logged, so that materials can be quickly located by your team when needed. Automated time-stamping with supporting visuals reduces conflicts and confusion. You can set custom real-time alerts as desired: unexpected material movements, early/late deliveries, incorrect unloading locations, and more.

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Systematically logs arrivals and departures

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Automatically detects and registers providers

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Digitizes dispatch guides and documentation

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Keeps track of inventory, materials and supplies

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Notifies regarding key onsite material requirements

Prevent job stalls due to late deliveries or misplaced materials

Site workflow is smoother with improved logistics management

Lost material and delivery conflict risk is reduced

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Off-schedule deliveries are minimized through data-driven identification and planning

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Manual errors are reduced and productivity is improved via automated logging and tracking