The environment - and your reputation - are at stake.  

Ensure that your jobsite is in compliance and your reputation stays intact.

When waste is handled poorly, we all suffer.

Worker and public health is placed at risk

Certifications and permits are lost, fines may be levied

Your reputation is damaged

Your future competitiveness is eroded

Waste Management Compliance Tracking

SiteLens automatically detects jobsite waste disposal activities from video feeds, and evaluates for compliance. Supporting data for compliance certification and verification is collected, structured and stored automatically. Using the provided information, waste material re-use and process improvement opportunities are uncovered.

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Keeps track of waste generation per zone and activity

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Provides real-time waste volume and location metrics

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Automatically verifies disposal compliance

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Streamlines disposal and logistics management

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Facilitates LEED, BREEAM and TRUE certifications

Make environmental compliance a true competitive advantage.

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A healthy world and workplace is maintained

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Compliance is easily demonstrated, and fines are avoided

Your reputation is enhanced through green leadership

Competitive advantage for future opportunities is gained